Bedbush Hills March 07 2014

Warehouse Gallery is pleased to present our first guest exhibition - Bedbush Hills. From March 12-15th, we welcome you to meet people we call friends as they present ideas, art, and humor in one seamless stroke of the pen, brush, and keyboard....

Opening :: Wednesday March 12th | 8pm - 10:30pm

Reception :: Friday March 14th | 8pm - 10:30pm


About Bed Bush Hills

Its a new day and age in New York City. Crime is down, a new generation of young professionals have descended upon the city, and a renewed interest in culture (fueled by the internet) has taken hold.

Whether in the area of fashion, dance, music, politics, architecture, food, social gatherings, or the daily hustle, there is a new, rich energy that has defined modern New York street culture.

But with these new developments, the challenge of gentrification, constitutional rights, and exorbitant rents have had an equal impact on urban street life. Long standing residents have not viewed these developments as being entirely positive.

The Bespoke Deconstruction Of Bedbush Hills will explore these topics through traditional painting, digital painting, and photography. The talented artists involved in this exhibit will include illustrators Cliff Washington, Pope Phoenix, and Cameron T. Moore.

New York is forever changing, and we are the creative documentarians.