FEARLESS by Adrian Franks August 06 2014


Opening Reception

Wednesday August 6th | 6-9pm

Location: Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Civil Service Cafe (our pop-in gallery)

279 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11216

For the past three years, artist Adrian Franks has questioned and celebrated fearlessness through a set of digital silhouettes comprised of both iconic and everyday figures. Striking profiles from the likes of Fela, Shirley Chisolm, to John F. Kennedy and intimates such as Adrian's wife and colleagues have found their image and voice in the collection. The questions Adrian has posed with this visual narration is "Where would we be if these icons gave in to fear?" and "What makes you fearless now?".

This dialogue has found a home online and in several exhibitions in New York City and one traveling group show. Warehouse Gallery has reached into the origins of this creative exercise by selecting some of the original "Fearless" digital concepts which were based on police mug shots of the Freedom Riders of 1961 who were civil activists risking bodily harm to integrate public and private spaces in the south. With this exhibition, Warehouse Gallery asks the everyday figures of Civil Service Cafe, "What fearless actions are you taking today?"


Visit the collection.


Artist & Curator's Talk

Wednesday August 27th | 6-8pm