End-of-Show Events December 13 2013

We are wrapping up our first exhibition with an amazing set of events that are great to share with a friend or to meet someone new. On Saturday December 14th we will host our Instragram Artist Talk/Photo Walk were people are encouraged to be artists and urban explorers. Your ticket includes samples of some of west Bed-Stuys coolest spots while you are out creating mobile art. The walk starts with an artist talk with curator kamau ware and Kaitiln Rebesco.

Artist Talk/Photo Walk

Next up is our Drink & Draw that will be accompanied by cellist Anna Callner. Before the drawing starts, artist Sam Levy will give a talk about his work in the show and his creative process.

Drink & Draw

Finally, we close out with the group Power of 3 that includes music by Paze and Morgan and vocals by Karl. They are a soulful funky group you don't want to miss.

Check out our latest video - Snowy Day.