Black Gotham Experience

Black Gotham Experience is an immersive multimedia project that investigates while celebrating the impact of the African Diaspora on New York City. Black Gotham is a real and imagined place but above all things, it is an expansive public experience - walking tours through Manhattan’s Financial District, a developing series of graphic novels, art, food, and entertainment.

At it’s core, the Black Gotham Experience are three stories that uses the African Diasporic lens to revisit Manhattan in 1624 and move forward through the next three centuries when New York City becomes the financial and cultural capital of the world. These stories are the Other Side of Wall Street, Caesar’s Rebellion, and Citizen Hope. Currently the first two walking tours are available and after a successful kickstarter campaign, the production of the first graphic novel, Other Side of Wall Street, is under way. You can find out more at


Black Gotham Experience is the flagship visual story of Kamau Studios LLC.