Double K

Kamau Z. Akabueze and kamau ware were destined to share a space in the world together before they were born. Their fathers (Sam and Sam) were friends and worked together as they came of age in Pittsburgh, PA. Both, Kamau and kamau, were born with their father's names and didn't meet until they were both in high school. The interconnected quality of their lives would not be clear to them until the connectivity increased. In 1993, they discovered that they had both changed their names from Sam to Kamau for similar reasons while in two different parts of the country. They have lived unique parallel lives with meaningful intersections such as fatherhood, a similar sense of humor, and a love for photography.

Photography has brought their voices, vision, and lives together in the series EXPOSED though both men found this medium of artistic expression outside of their storied friendship. EXPOSED is a portrait in parallels. A study in physical, natural, and interpersonal landscapes. While their monochromatic studies in this experience take place in different environments, with different subject matter, there is a distinctly symphonic dialogue between their bodies of work. This harmony is brought to a crescendo in a series of double exposures crafted by Juan Manuel Reyes - a gifted graphic artist and photographer in his own right, whom Mr. Akabueze met through a mutual artistic admiration on Instagram.