the Wares

(left) Lesley Ware (right) Kamau Ware

They are art lovers who met in a gallery in downtown Pittsburgh called Urban Space. She was looking to buy her first piece of original art work. He was running his first art gallery and just happened to be between exhibitions when she showed up. After some great costumer service and negotiation, Lesley bought her first painting from Urban Space and they became fast friends who shared a love of art. That was 2004. They moved to New York City as a couple in 2006 and got married in 2011. On November 15th 2013, they opened Warehouse Gallery. Cool, hunh?

Lesley Ware is a fashion personality who has two books, Sew Fab: Sewing and Style for Young Fashionistas and My Fab Fashion Style File with publisher Laurence King of London. She is also a designer and educator. Kamau Ware is a visual storyteller who is the resident curator of Warehouse Gallery, principal of photographer of Kamau Studios, and also an educator. He is working on a graphic novel trilogy, Black Gotham, exploring the impact of the African Diaspora on New York City. Warehouse is both a gallery & studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn. For years, the Wares have mused about having a space to share their collaborative projects and the work of their talented network of friends.

The Mission:

Warehouse Gallery is a space for ideas. Our mission is to present thought-provoking art and events that move people forward and encourage them to create.